Transmission & Substation


Auger Services provides a full range of foundation drilling services. This includes large diameter drilled shafts for all types of transmission line construction. Auger Services crews work either directly for electric utility owners or as subcontractors to construction companies.


Auger Services has extensive experience in all phases of substation construction from earth moving to pouring concrete foundations.

Substation construction and refurbishment projects utilize Auger’s specialized low-overhead drilling equipment. The presence of energized overhead lines at substations often require tight access and low clearance equipment. The ability to work within this environment without de-energizing is a key capability.

Key Equipment

Drilling Rigs:
Pressure Rigs, Limited Access Drill Rigs, Tracked Crawler and RT Drilling Rigs, Rock Coring & Drilling Rigs, Hydraulic Tracked and RT Cranes from 30 Ton up to 100 Ton.

Support Dirt Equipment:
Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Marookas, Amphibious Machinery, Heavy Haul Trucks, Concrete Pumpers, Vacuum Tankers, Matt Board Road.