Auger Services’ Towering Performance Displayed in T&D World

A recent advertisement in T&D World featured PLH Group’s towering performance of supplying complete utility line construction solutions. These solutions include transmission and distribution power line construction and maintenance, such as Auger Services work on the Bayou Vista  – Terrebonne 230 kV transmission line project.

The Bayou Vista – Terrebonne 230 kV transmission line in southeast Louisiana will improve reliability by expanding and connecting Entergy Louisiana’s Terrebonne and Cleco’s Bayou Vista substations. This project includes the installation of 236 new high voltage steel structures crafted to withstand hurricane force winds up to 150 miles per hour. Another significant construction component is protecting the difficult terrain surrounding the project’s footprint — wetlands, swamplands, marshes, and lakes.

PLH Group company Auger Services, Inc. is the logical partnership to safely and efficiently complete the transmission line construction considering the scope of the project and necessary environmental components. Auger Services supports the project with its specialty amphibious equipment for foundation drilling and transmission line construction in marshlands, wetlands, swamps and lakes.

The significant involvement of Auger Services with the Bayou Vista — Terrebonne 230 kV transmission line project is just one example of the complete power line construction solutions that PLH Group companies provide. To learn more about the collective, monumental results these companies have proven, including pulling 1,000 miles of cable and installing 20,000 transmission and distribution utility poles, visit or call 214-272-0500.