Storm Damage Repair

T he initial shock of the devastating damage caused by an EF4 tornado this past spring in Arkansas has passed. However, there is still plenty of recovery work ahead as demonstrated by Entergy Arkansas’s deployment of over 400 contractors to restore transmission lines, distribution and substations.

Auger Services is one of the contractors providing emergency restoration work for Entergy Arkansas for the Mayflower township.

President and CEO Michael Cutrone of Auger Services stated,

“Auger Services is well prepared for these types of emergency restoration situations. We have the expertise to assess the damage and mobilize the specialty equipment quickly into place.”

Auger is clearing the access roads, transporting poles to the job site, drilling new support foundations, wrecking out and replacing damaged transmission line structures. Given the extensive damage caused by the tornado, work will continue until this fall.

For over an hour on April 27, winds at 166-200 mph tore a half mile wide path of destruction 41 miles through Arkansas. Businesses, schools and homes were leveled. Sixteen people were killed, making this the deadliest tornado in Arkansas since 1968.

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