Specialty Equipment

A uger Services provides a unique array of drilling services and is experienced in working in difficult-to-access and environmentally sensitive areas. Over the years, we have custom-built and adapted our own equipment to meet the needs of different clients’ projects.

  • Custom-designed augers
  • LoDrill Limited Access Drilling Rigs
  • Slurry Equipment (Vac Trailers, Concrete Pumpers & Water Tankers)
  • 100,000 lbs. crowd force drilling equipment
  • Heavy-haul trucks
  • Wheel loaders and dirt-moving equipment
  • 40–100 ton hydraulic cranes
  • Down-hole hammers
  • Amphibious equipment, including pontoon-equipped Mantis cranes, 40-ft. track float trailers, spud barges, marsh buggies and air boats
  • Rock drilling equipment, including rock rigs, low-clearance rock rigs, specialty core barrels and custom-designed cutting teeth
  • Large-diameter drilling
  • Slurry and Case Drilling
  • Rock drilling and down-hole hammer services
  • Amphibious drilling
  • Marshy areas
  • Limited-access sites
  • Low-clearance/low-headroom sites
  • Environmentally sensitive areas