New ET&D App Delivers Instant Training Information

T here’s a new mobile app that’s recently been launched by the Electrical Transmission & Distribution (ET&D) Partnership that delivers industry resources in a couple of swipes.

The new ET&D app contains information on Safety Topics and Best Practices, but there are also tabs for News, Events, Job Briefings, Training and Resources – including up-to-date training courses and OSHA safety tips, which is the focus of today’s blog.

A Focus on Training

But what if a worker or supervisor is out in the field and a question arises about the training that is required? If they have an iOS or Android device, all that needs to be done is a few swipes on the ED&T app, and the information is relayed directly to the palm of their hand.

Auger Services emergency response crews replacing hurricane damaged transmission lines in Arkansas. See full story here .

PLH Group is one of 13 industry stakeholders who worked together to develop the free app, which is a great tool to have, and will help make workers and the jobs they perform safer. For more detailed information about the app and instructions for downloading it, go to

Auger Services currently requires all new employees attend a 2½-day orientation to familiarize themselves with the company’s best practices and what is expected of them on the job.  In addition to the orientation, all field employees are trained in the use of equipment and evaluated for their performance of assigned tasks, and are required to complete a OSHA 10‐hour training. Whereas all supervisory employees are required to complete OSHA 30‐hour and/or a combination of OSHA 10‐hour training and PLH Group Foreman’s Academy or OSHA 20‐hour training. In addition, at least two employees per crew are required to have up‐to‐date First‐Aid/CPR training.