Rock Drilling

Auger Services is one of only a few companies to offer the experience, expertise and equipment required for rock drilling. An Auger Services drilled rock hole ensures precise sizing for utility pole setting.


Auger has successfully completed projects drilling through granite, limestone, sandstone and pinnacle rock in some of the hardest rock locations in the country, including Little Rock, Arkansas, Stone Mountain, Georgia, the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, and throughout Texas. Several projects required coring and drilling rock density of 28,000 psi in strength.


Because rock drilling is one of our specialties, we have invested roughly $10 million in rock drilling equipment, including four rock rigs: Casa Grande, Soilmec, Delmag and Texoma Rock Rigs (with access to additional rigs as needed from other PLH Group Companies), low-clearance rock rigs for use under power lines that cannot be de-energized, and specialty core barrels. In addition, we design our own cutting teeth patterns for rock drilling and offer down-hole hammer services to pulverize rock.


  • Large-diameter drilling in rock — up to 10 feet
  • Drill rigs with 220,000 ft.-lbs. torque
  • Drill rigs with 100,000 lbs. crowd force
  • Down-hole hammer services to pulverize rock using Center Rock Inc. hammer drilling

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