Auger’s Emergency Response to Hurricanes

I n 2008, Hurricane Gustav disabled power to Energy customers in several states. Two weeks later, Hurricane Ike struck the Louisiana and Texas coast leaving 99 percent of Entergy Texas customers without power. Gustav alone damaged more than 53,000 circuit lines, 10,000 utility poles and 4,000 transformers across Texas.

Electric utility companies from across the nation mobilized to help restore power to the hurricane battered southern states.

Located in the heart of the storm activity, Auger Services was called upon to assist Entergy in its recovery efforts. The Auger Services’ Disaster Recovery Team had prior experience working in hurricane damaged areas, and were prepared with a plan, specialty construction equipment and disaster safety protocols.

In particular, the Auger Services Amphibious team of experts were able to assist in wrecking out and replacing damaged structures in the most adverse conditions. In addition, Auger Services coordinated with sister companies Air2 and Power Line Services to restore power as quickly as possible.

Our disaster recovery team demonstrated their outstanding preparation and dedication to getting the job done safely and quickly,” said Michael Cutrone, President of Auger Services.