HSC Plant Project

H emlock Semi-Conductor chose Auger Services to provide over 1,000 drilled shafts for the new semiconductor plant in Clarksville, TN. The Hemlock Semiconductor plant will be completed in late fall 2012 and is currently the site of over 1,600 construction workers. The $1.2 billion plant will manufacture polysilicon, the main material for solar cells.

To complete the project efficiently and safely Auger Services deployed 5 of his production drilling rigs to Tennessee under the guidance of Vice President and Project Manager Bryan Beck.

Every construction site has its own set of challenges, this one was particularly interesting due to the Pinnacle Rock. Our crews and safety team worked flawlessly to complete the work on time.” -Bryan Beck

Auger Services is the leading drilled shaft foundation company in the Mississippi to West Texas region. Experienced technicians are highly trained in the various drilling equipment required to meet the needs of the customer. Auger Services provides a large array of foundation drilling services including, transmission line construction and substation configurations.

In addition, Auger performs services for industrial plants, commercial and government facilities, lift stations, cell towers and highway projects. Auger’s adaptability and quick response capability makes them a key player in responding to hurricane and storm restoration projects.

Auger’s highly trained and experienced crews insure that projects are completed safely and efficiently.