How do you install foundations in marsh, shallow bays or wetlands?

A uger Services prides itself on its extensive knowledge of and experience in amphibious drilling projects. Based in Louisiana, where much of the construction work takes place in swamplands, wetlands, shallow bays and salt water marshes, we have perfected the art of installing foundations in these difficult conditions.

Much of our amphibious work involves the use of vibratory, or vibro, hammers to drive hollow steel caissons below the mud line. We use hydraulic cranes to lift and set the caissons for driving, as well as for setting tall steel poles into the installed foundations.

Auger Services has the specialized equipment necessary to provide amphibious drilling and other support services. These include pontoon-equipped Mantis cranes, 40–70-ton hydraulic cranes for caisson and pole setting, 40-ft. track float trailers for hauling poles through wetlands, and spud barges. We also have wheel loaders with flotation tires for working in extreme mud conditions and laying mat road access. In addition, we have access to marsh buggies and air boats as needed.