Equipment Descriptions

Helical Screw Anchors

Auger Services Helical Screw Anchor Units are typically used to install substation foundations. The size of the machine makes it easier to maneuver in small and limited height spaces. This unit has a variety of installation options. The helical segments are added in sections depending on the desired depth, each segment is 3’-4’ long and multiple segments may be added. In special situations, this method may be the perfect solution for a building foundation that demands a small work space.

Vibratory Caisson

Vibratory Caissons will most often be the solution for poor soil, marshy or swamp conditions. Auger Services has the capability of driving caissons up to 8’ in diameter and 90’ long. This foundation option is often used to build high voltage transmission line foundations. Due to the ease of installation and availability this option is often the chosen design for disaster recovery operations.

Large Diameter Drilling

Auger Services has the capabilities to install Large Diameter Foundations up to 16’ diameter in any situation rather it be slurry drilling or solid rock. These type installations are typically used for transmission towers, cell towers and high rise buildings.

Impact Hammer

Auger Services also offers Hydraulic Impact hammer services. This option is often required when the soil conditions are too dense for a Vibro-Hammer. The Impact hammer is a versatile unit that can be used on-shore as well as in amphibious operations.

Rock Drilling Machines

Auger Services also owns a fleet of Rock Drilling units. Auger Services has drilled all across the southern United States in an array of different rock conditions including granite, limestone, sandstone and pinnacle rock to name a few. Auger Services also owns downhole hammers for situations that normal rock drilling methods cannot be achieved.


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