Joining Forces, Gaining Power

Power Line Services and Auger Services Move Forward on Collaborative Energy Project

C ollaborative Energy is the concept that the sum of collaborative efforts is greater than the sum of its parts, or singular efforts. By working together, sharing best practices and creating efficiencies across several organizations, enhanced performance and increased growth can be achieved.

Auger Services drilling transmission line foundations for a line upgrade in Oklahoma.

This has never been more true than with the current project underway in Oklahoma, where Power Line Services, a PLH Group electric division subsidiary, is joining forces with sister company, Auger Services, to rebuild and ‘harden’ the grid for AEP.

The project began earlier this year involves upgrading 15 miles of transmission line between Clinton City and Weatherford to increase electric reliability for the area.

The plan—created by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Transmission Company—was put forth to update the electric transmission system in western Oklahoma and strengthen the local power grid.

The project involves installing single steel poles to replace the aging wooden structures, new 69kV lines and upgrades to  the Clinton City and Weatherford Substations. The end result? A reduced  likelihood of power outages and a more rapid recovery of service when outages occur.

Utilizing combined equipment assets, shown above is one of Auger Services many foundation drilling rigs and Power Line Services’ aerial device equipment.

Auger Services is unique in its collaborative and integrated approach with other units. While Power Line Services  provides the high voltage transmission line installation expertise, Auger Services provides the equipment and full range of transmission line foundation drilling services. Together, they are a dynamic, full-service combination which meets the most demanding project requirements, including the Clinton/Weatherford Project in Oklahoma.

PLH Group embraces this way of completing projects and handling transmission line construction upgrade challenges, both in delivery and repair. This is the PLH Group ‘tool of choice’ as it brings together talents and momentum to a project where all parties win; including the customer.

Auger Services is the leading foundation drilling company in the Gulf Coast region serving electric utilities transmission line and substation foundations. In addition, Auger Services performs services for industrial plants, commercial and government facilities, lift stations, cell towers and highway projects. Auger Services is a key player in responding to emergency hurricane and storm restoration efforts. The highly trained and experienced crews insure that projects are completed safely and efficiently.