Disaster Recovery


W hen natural disasters strike, Auger Services is prepared to mobilize immediately 24/7/365 to assess the damage and move specialty equipment into place. ¬†After Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, Auger Services coordinated services with other contractors to restore power as quickly as possible. Auger’s trained and certified professionals also have extensive experience working in emergency response situations caused by tornados, ice storms and floods.

Owned Equipment
  • 20 various types of drill rigs
  • Assortment of dirt equipment such as dozers, excavators, skid steers, etc.
  • Heavy-haul trucks
  • Wheel loaders and dirt-moving equipment
  • 12 various sizes 40-100 ton hydraulic cranes
  • Marsh equipment, Marookas and ATVs to access disaster sites
  • Vibratory hammers
  • Amphibious equipment, including pontoon equipped Mantis cranes, 40-ft. track float trailers and spud barges, plus access to marsh buggies and air boats as needed
  • Wrecking out and replacing damaged transmission line structures
  • Matting
  • Installing poles and lattice structures
  • Drilling services
  • Crane services
  • Clearing access roads
  • Transporting poles to job site
  • Coordinating with utilities to manage supplies and laydown yard
  • Hauling of equipment to laydown yard
  • Providing dedicated crane for laydown yard