Auger Services Wins Coveted PLH Safety Award

S afety! Sounds easy enough, but it takes dedication and commitment from top to bottom to instill a culture that executes. Auger Services has created a “Safety First” culture as evidenced by achieving the coveted PLH Group Company of the Year Award.

Michael Cutrone states “We are very proud of this PLH Group Company of the Year Achievement Award and we owe it to everyone not only at Auger Services, but from the PLH Safety Team for the training tools that we get from them.” Even with the right tools and knowledge, safety doesn’t just happen. It takes each and every employee’s commitment 24/7 to make it happen. “We will do whatever it takes to keep our employees safe. That’s the most important thing to me. If it can’t be done safe, then it shouldn’t be done PERIOD” says Michael Cutrone.

Auger Services finished 2015 with a Total Recordable Incident Rating (TRIR) of Zero. That’s zero recordables, zero lost time accidents. Auger says “It’s been a few years since we last received a Zero Recordable award and we will do what it takes to keep this pattern trending even longer.” The mantra is “We are our Brothers keeper here at Auger” and we congratulate Auger for a job well done in 2015!