Auger Services is A PLH Group Company

A uger Services along with Tessco Industrial, Tessco Energy and Sun Electric were the first companies acquired by PLH Group in 2009. Auger Services delivers turnkey foundation drilled shafts and drilled caissons with a specialty in amphibious operations. Auger is located in Gonzales, Louisiana and began operations in 1987.

About PLH Group, Inc.

PLH is a leading provider of construction and maintenance services to the electric power delivery and pipeline industries in North America. Its customers include many of the largest utilities, regional cooperatives, renewable energy developers, commercial and industrial customers, and major oil and gas producers and midstream companies. PLH, has acquired Sun Electric, TESSCO, AIR 2, Auger Services, Snelson Companies, IPS Engineering, Southeast Directional Drilling, M&M Pipeline Services, Energy Services South, Pipeworx, TTR Substations, and R.B. Hinkle Construction. PLH is actively seeking to expand further its service offerings and geographic footprint. For more information, visit