Amphibious Services

A uger Services prides itself in its extensive capabilities with amphibious drilling projects. Based in Louisiana, where much of the construction work is either in swamplands, wetlands, marshes or rivers, Auger has perfected the art of performing installations in these difficult conditions. The terms marsh buggy, swamp buggy and amphibious equipment are used interchangeably.

Auger Services has several specialized pieces of equipment to address these unique construction conditions:

  • 40-70 ton Mantis Cranes
  • Amphibious pontoon crane under carriage
  • Vibratory hammers
  • Spud barges
  • Amphibious personnel carriers
  • Amphibious tool carriers
  • Manbaskets for clipping line in or other needs
  • Safety boats/flat boats
  • Marsh excavators
  • Air boats
  • Wheel loaders with flotation tires